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Looks good. yum smilie

What type of rice?

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Okay, I looked up a few recipes.

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Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

I'd like my own minion please...

It's as though all of the highly productive societies are dying, or being killed off. I guess when you look at humanity from a certain perspective, the best among us are the worst. There seems to be a train of thought among the elite that humanity uses too many resources, and if everyone was dirt poor and unskilled, we wouldn't use as many resources. So rather than working to advance civilization, they've been working to destroy it.

But they don't want to give up their own prosperity of course, they envision a 2 tiered society consisting of a small elite with super advanced technology ruling over (and quietly bumping off) the poor, ignorant masses.

Every society has it's own unique weaknesses, for Germany, they use guilt over what the National Socialists did under Hitler to silence the public as they flood the country with unproductive, incompatible people who are inherently hostile to German culture. Eating pork and drinking are central facts of German culture, and who reviles eating pork and drinking more than Muslims? There are also a lot of atheists in Germany, Muslims are commanded to avoid associating with atheists. If you wanted to introduce division into Germany, you really couldn't pick a better group to import.

That strategy wouldn't work in Japan though, they're extremely xenophobic, as well as quite physically isolated from other groups, so mass immigration wouldn't fly. Instead, they used the Japanese fetish for technology against them, to distract and alienate them from the opposite sex, and to replace the practical need for future generations through the promise of robotics. And unlike unwanted people, unwanted robots can be switched off or scrapped without upsetting the other robots.

All of the societies that make it next to impossible for people to be productive are promoted and spread to every corner of the world, while all the societies that make it easy for people to be productive are being wiped out.

Here's the basic insanity of it though, the elite who are working this plan derive their power from the nations they've been undermining. The elite of a nation are like the jockey on a horse. A good horse has fire in his belly - spirited, intelligent and loyal. The horse they've been trying to create is a sad, pathetic, untrustworthy creature that guarantees they will never win another race. As their plan has progressed, their power has been waning, they are being surpassed and are becoming irrelevant. I think they've noticed the flaw in their plan, which is why you're starting to see a reversal in direction back toward productivity in the west. This change is best expressed by the change from Obama to Trump, it's a complete 180 degree reversal back toward western economic dominance.

@SmartAZ Wow. I make a simple remark and I get a PAGEANT!

I consider it more of a rant. A lot of the time I have nothing to say. On occasion, I have a lot to say. Looks like you struck gold. lol

We've seen how smart phones and tablets have distracted people from human interaction. Well, these little phuckers ought to finish us off.