The Douglas DC-3 continues to fly commercially around the world 70 years after the last one was made. Will anyone ever start making new DC-3s? Should they?

When you consider that no aircraft has ever really replaced the capabilities of the little DC-3 freighter, and all it's patents have expired, I wonder why nobody has come along to build new ones? It seems like a good little niche market. I think the secret to a successful remake would be to make an exact copy of the airframe but with updated engines. Aviation gasoline for the original engines is becoming hard to find, complicating operation. I've seen some DC-3s with turbine engines, but I think a better choice would be turbo diesel piston engines in a radial format, since diesel engines can be made to run on common jet fuel. Besides allowing the plane to retain it's original look, it's a less expensive, more accessible technology than turbine engines, making it a better fit for the down and dirty role of the aircraft. What do you think? Will anyone ever remake the DC-3? Should they?