Am I a mindless simpleton, blindly believing everything will be rainbows and butterflies, now that the political winds have shifted? No, but I'm also not going to start screaming that the sky is falling because a particular candidate won. As difficult as it is for some to believe, even though I didn't vote for Obama, I hoped he would do well. He didn't. Did I complain about him? You bet, but I didn't worry about what he wore, his skin color, or anything else OTHER than his policies. I find it hilarious that people claim I didn't like Obama because of his skin color, but they can't mention Trump without referencing his. Do I think Trump was the ideal candidate? No, but I thought he was the most capable of the options offered. Will he screw up? I'm sure, but unlike some people, I'll wait until he actually does to complain about it. Just like I did with Obama.