If you could own any piece of artwork (painting, photograph, or sculpture) what would it be?

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Ahahahah love it xD I would accept it.

I don't want to be greedy, so I'll take Palm Jumeirah in Dubai.
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Lol...When I first heard of that, I thought it was the Sixteen Chapel.

Mark Rothko.

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Something I liked that was inexpensive.

Klimt: Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I
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That was my other choice. To decide, I guessed which one would be worth more when I sold it.

@PhilboydStudge Klimt: Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I

That remembers of the Kiss (Gustav Klimt)...

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@Sofia That remembers of the Kiss (Gustav Klimt)...

That was my other choice, but I'm betting this one will fetch more money when I sell it. hehe smilie

Obama's birth certificate.

@Budwick Obama's birth certificate.

That's because you like cheaply made reproductions and fakes. :)

Mona Lisa or Starry Night offhand.

Either Houses of Parliament by Monet or impression sunrise by monet. Tbh anything by Monet would be awesome

That's hard but I feel a connection to the Mona Lisa

Paul Cézanne: The Card Players
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