Could you live through another prohibition? Just sayin'

Image for post **Could you live through another prohibition?** //Just sayin'//
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Easy. If anything it would be a blessing.

@Sukiesnow We spend way too much on booze...

I get most of mine for free because I'm in a band. I pretty much only drink at gigs these days. I was drinking almost every day and decided that it was time for a lifestyle change. I feel 1000% better.

I can make my own, no prob. It's not for the government to tell me what I can and can't do with myself. I would rebel to the max.

I wouldn't find it a problem as I hardly drink but I suspect that something just as bad if not worse would replace it.

I am currently with marijuana, so yes.

I dont drink. But would be firmly against the right to do so being taken away. Just as i am against cannabis being listed as a schedule one narcotic

Thats all, dont want to get started.........

Oh I could & be extremely happy with it. Alcohol has done nothing but destroy my life. I have lost or about to lose things I can't get back.

Wouldn't bother me at all...
I quit those things before they could get a chance to quit me..

Don't miss any of the bad habits i once had...

@Sukiesnow Can you tell your story? If you want you can PM me...

Not much of a story...

I just made up my mind to quit smoking cigarettes, weed and drinking alcohol, long before they could give me a reason to quit..

I don't drink, so yes.

The first one almost destroyed the nation. Bootleggers who went to court were often let off because of lack of evidence ... because the jury drank it!

I didn't live thru the first one.

Yep...of course I haven't lived thru one yet.

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