Do you go out on New Years?

Happy New Year to everyone :D

Image for post Do you go out on New Years?
8% Yes 50% No 42% Sometimes 0% Other
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I'll be gone most of today, but will be home this evening. Too many drunks on the road.

After the fireworks I'll probably go meet with a friend. I don't normally do this - I stay home, and normally see a movie. I think it was some years back that they passed the Exorcist. Lovely movie to start the year with xD

Sofias avatar Sofia Sometimes +2Reply

In some places it's already 2017 so....
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Sofias avatar Sofia Sometimes +2Reply

Sometimes...just getting together and doing some fireworks this time..

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Happy New Year.

Oh no to much temptation for me, so I am staying locked away somewhere till it is over.

No we stay in. The in-laws are over right now. They're playing some silly board game at the moment... so I'm on here. ;)

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