Let's stop insulting anonymous posters for 2017.

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What a brilliant idea! But if that happens, this site will die. Good luck.

What?! That accounts for 1/3 of the total subject matter on this site. You can't take that simple joy away, can you?

I sort of remember seeing an anonymous post once. The memory is not clear.

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Thanks Ser, I needed to post it. Anons are people too, and I treat the anons as everyone else. If the anon in question is a sock or a troll, I ignore them, as trolling them back or any sort of comment will enable them. If not, I'll answer when interested. Insulting parties I leave alone.

Back to socks and trolls, can you report anonymously?

A better idea, no anonymous posters!!!!

Oh maybe people could just stop insulting others all together whether it be anonymous or not in 2017.

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shh smilie Don't tell people I am thinking...it will be expected all the time

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