Alf 1986 - 2016

(Michu Meszaros)
"But his most memorable role would be the man inside ALF, the television series about a furry, shit-talking alien from planet Melmac. Sure, they used a puppet for a lot of close-up shots, but whenever they needed ALF to chase a cat or do something else that showed his full body, that was Michu running around and sweating his ass off inside that furry costume."

20 Famous People You Didn’t Notice Died In 2016 (Part 1)In keeping with tradition, we now look at the folks whose passing didn't create Prince-level national mourning, but who still deserve a posthumous tip of the hat. for post Alf  1986 - 2016
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Click "SOURCE" on the left to go to 20 Famous People You Didn’t Notice Died In 2016 (Part 1). So many celebrities died this year that they had to split it into two parts.

I knew this.

Oh I didn't know he passed. That's sad. Thank ya for sharing.

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Well, things have to be at least widely believed, and of course the presentation is always totally gonzo.

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