What’s one show, movie, or book, you’re embarrassed to admit you enjoy?

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West Side Story

I read one page of the first book in the Harry Potter series...

I'm embarrassed to admit that.

Just since I'm always going on about ppl trying things for more than just once...I also watched the first movie... Another...no...it was good that I got a nap.

Never say never. Since so many ppl loved it...I might try it again.

The Nutcracker. Live show...really a kids show but live entertainment is fun!

Spice Girls. good movie and fun music.

Designated Survivor (tv series)


I just like what I like.

None. I like what I like.

None. I am to a point in my life where I don't hide things. I can't worry whether someone will judge me for something simple. I try to return the same courtesy.

Honestly, none. Every single show, movie or book, someone will look down on it, will see it as not good enough. I like a loooot of stuff when it comes to entertainment. If I was to be embarrassed by any of it because of what people say about it, I would have to be embarrassed about everything. And I'm just not.

Leave It To Beaver. It reminds me of my childhood years so much.

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