Political cliché: Anything can be whitewashed. Can you come up with a new or old one?

The US needs a strong 3rd Party...

Image for post **Political cliché: //Anything// can be whitewashed.** //Can you come up with a new or old one?//
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Lol....even though I said I'd never say LOL again. One NY RES shot all to hell.

A stranger you let kiss your baby.

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Lol... "I can always count on you." she said fondly.

"A better tomorrow"


"Demoncrats and Repugnicans"

"Family Values"

"Together We Can _"

"Build a bridge"


"Wolves at the door"

"Who do you want answering the phone at __(late time)"

"Who would you have a beer with?"

"Man of the people"

"Hearts and Minds"

"Go all the way!"

"The Brave Men and Women of __"

" (statename) Strong"

This is an excellent political post. So...why aren't there more participants?

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Ha...Way to go...

You can delete this one... Just hit the garbage pail...

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