The dust is settling and Trump supporters are beginning to think: WTF have we gotten ourselves into?? Amirite?

That's the thing about Trump...he's on his own...and doesn't project any security at all.

Image for post **The dust is settling and Trump supporters are beginning to think:** //WTF have we gotten ourselves into??// **Amirite?**
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Really? I haven't heard anything but babbling predictions of doom from Hillary supporters. Everybody else just went back to work and will wait to see what happens when he actually gets the job. This is just silliness. :)

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I'll just have to skip them then. Oh well.

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Remember when during the debate that Hillary asked him if he would support the election result? And the liberals got all wound up when he didn't reply with an indisputable "Yes"! So who's not supporting the election result now?!

Not at all. So far, most have been just waiting and watching and are pretty confident that he was a much better choice than the other.

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All the cons will ignore that Tiff you know that! Not one Con is brave enough to click on it!

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It's more than a prediction. The honeymoon is over...and now he has to wake up to the new job... Day after day. And he doesn't call all the shots.

Hope he does okay. Nah...I take that back. But I don't want him to be that bad, either.

Why would I be whining?

As long as he doesn't bother Canada...I'm happy.

@Sukiesnow It's more than a prediction. The honeymoon is over...and now he has to wake up to the new job... Day after day. And...

I didn't say YOU specifically, was whining..

He's not bothering Canada and you felt the need to post about him..... just sayin...

All i can say is what i know is the truth and i don't know anyone that's thinking "WTF have we gotten ourselves into?"

I understand people get crushed when the person they voted for doesn't win but life goes on..

Sleep at the bus stop and life will pass you by...

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Thats what the right does. They blame every incoming, sitting or outgoing dem potus for everything bad that happens, give credit to rep potus for everything good. Regardless of the facts. Anyone remember those?

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Lets go back even further. Nixon didn't blame Kennedy for getting us involved in Viet Nam, or Johnson for expanding that war, which cost us over 58,000 young American lives.
Why is it that nobody has blamed Kennedy for what became of Cuba through his bumbling of actions like the Bay of Pigs?

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They will make excuses, blame everything on obama. Maybe they will see the error they made. Likely not. Can you imagine if they truly understood that a few short years ago trump was a democrat. That many of his supposed ideals were opposite of what he says now. and if he had run as a democrat would his ignorance be tolerated and embraced as they are now?

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Gotta disagree. I'd still vote for roadkill before I would have voted for Hilly - a criminal career lying politician.

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So you agree...thank you.

I've blocked both of the previous predators.

WHY!!!? I just want to ask WHY this man? Who's the butt of every joke

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But The thing is Trump was the butt of every joke back when he was a democrat too. he's always been a joke. Everytime here in ole ny we heard him speak we'd cringe at the toilet contents spewing out of his mouth. He came off as a rude selfish prick the type you find at beaches in Long Island polishing their yachts. The first time I heard him speak at all he was calling the WTC a piece of crap.

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I've been laughing at him for YEARS AND YEARS. Around 2001 is when I first started hating him for babbling like an idiot about the Freedom tower sounding like my asshole uncle who thinks he's better than everyone. Another Corporate head, who then cheated on his wife with a girl named CANDY (hooker I'm sure) and ran off To California. So I KNOW the kind. I've watched him here in NY babble about everything sticking his nose in everyone's business and basically the public opinion among people I knew was "just shut up nobody cares what you think of the Olsen twins or whatever it was at the time" The man runs off with money leaving his shareholders to rot, and runs his businesses into the ground after milking them dry. Tell me again how successful the Taj Mahal is right now? I am done with his zombie supporters...."oh hail trump all hail trump -robotic chanting- Trump does no wrong EVER!! Trump is our god there is no other!"

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No I wasn't smartass

@TomboyJanet WHY!!!? I just want to ask WHY this man? Who's the butt of every joke

People love drama. They love reality tv. They love social media. The news couldnt stay off of him during the primaries. So much free publicity. He had his people listen to the whines of the right and said the words that he knew would resonate. It was a game to him. Not sure he wants the responsibility but the power and adoration is his prize. Hence his "thank you" tour. I have been through many elections and have felt disappointment when my canidate has lost. Never felt this level of dread. And the jokes of which you speak are funny, except they are not. He is not a crack addict mayor or a cheating congressman. He is going to be our president and he doesnt have a clue.

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@TomboyJanet WHY!!!? I just want to ask WHY this man? Who's the butt of every joke

Why this man? Because your side went with the worst candidate in the world. The basket of deplorables who cling to their religion and guns, almost half of the country, just couldn't take the smug, snotty, elites who ran this country into the ground anymore. I make much better decisions for me and my family than that bloodsucker Clinton could ever hope to. We are tired of feeding, clothing, educating, warming, housing the imports into this country when it is taking from our families. Politicians and other entities force taxpayers to pay for their generosity. Think about it - groups that don't pay taxes at all make the rest of us pay for the people they are importing into this country.
I hope Trump will tell people who want to come here that they certainly may come but not government help. They can come to America the same way our ancestors did and earn their spot on this soil.

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@ozzyboy Why this man? Because your side went with the worst candidate in the world. The basket of deplorables who cling to...

I don't think the man has a clue what he's doing. Immigration is not our number one issue. I know a lot of whites are terrified of a non-white majority but I couldn't give two shits. I have no opinion on illegal immigration whatsoever so stop pushing that one me. I didn't bring them in I just don't give a shit one way or another

@TomboyJanet I don't think the man has a clue what he's doing. Immigration is not our number one issue. I know a lot of whites...

You may not give a shit about illegals but, if you work or own a property, you are paying for them. your hate for Trump clouds all the issues that working Americans
had with money grubber Clinton. Getting rid of social programs that pay for the illegals and nonworkers will put more money give those who earned it more of their own money to spend.
Whites are not terrified of a non-white majority, we don't care. But, in doing research years ago, I learned that minority status doesn't depend on the numbers.
Whites will never enjoy the preferential protection due to smaller numbers. Look up the government definition for yourself. The day will come when you will give a shit and it may come sooner than you think.

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@TomboyJanet Whites never enjoyed preferential treatment? Oh surely you must be insane

Some may have but the majority that I know just go to work, put their noses to the grind stone and take care of their families. I certainly only got by because of my work ethic, not having things given to me because of my color. Everyone should want to stand on their own two feet, not the feet of others.
Firemen and Policemen tests had to have the bar lowered to accommodate those who couldn't make it otherwise.
You asked why Trump got in and I told you it was because to the worst candidate from the liberals ever.
If you voted for her then look in your mirror for the answer to your question.

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Looks like I'm four months late joining this discussion, but so far (as of May 2nd) I haven't had a WTF moment with Trump yet! After 8 years of putting up with the worst POTUS since Jimmy Carter (and he was the worst since FDR), Trump would have a hard time being worse than B.O.! So far, the courts and the Washington D.C. establishment aren't letting him do anything!

And now look at the Trump-haters. They're jumping all over him because he fired Comey, but last month they all wanted Comey fired! He can't win with those nut jobs.

but liberals have yet to stop their incessant crying and b**** over it. some are still resorting to violence because they didn;t get their sorry arse way. shame.

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