Sooo, n. korea has a missle. It is said to be capable of reaching the west coast. Trump says it wont happen. So many madmen in power. A tweet can piss off a madman. I cannot quite wrap my head around the fact that our future potus tweets with abandon. When obama leaves the white house so does the dignity of the office. I look at the turmoil this world is in and i should be comfortable with the knowledge that our leaders will pull us through. Past or present, left or right. I believe past presidents truly did what they thought best for the country. I cannot say that about trump. I believe he is in it for the accolades and the power. He has never done anything that didnt benefit him. He isnt going to begin at 70. We are living in a time when we need a level head, tactful speech and knowledge of foriegn affairs. He has none of those attributes. This time he cant file bancruptcy and walk awsy. Ive read that watching the shitshow will be fun. Ive read that we need to give him a chance. I truly believe that this nation has been conned. And when he is done with this job, he can walk away with all his wealth, unaffected. He can go anywhere in the world that is safe. It is the average citizens, the ones that elected him, that will have to live with what he leaves behind. I can only hope that the checks and balances that are supposed to be in place, are.