Husky Training 101

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That's also pretty much how "mutt" training goes at our house. hehe smilie

Thanks for the giggle! We've had our Husky for seven years now. I love her like crazy, but she is sooo independent! When refreshing training in the backyard with all the pups, she'll play along as long as it entertains her, but when she's done - she's done.

She was rescued from an abusive home. Little by little over the years she has opened up and become a real loving part of the family a great companion, and guardian.

Our dog is part husky, tibetan mastiff and bernese mountain dog. I enrolled her in a "positive reinforcement" obedience class last year. She graduated alright, but I had to struggle just to keep her still for her grad photo. Either that training doesn't really work, or it's the husky in her.

I've only known one person who owned a husky. If you left this person's door open for too long the dog would be gone.

Pretty much training for boyfriends. Ha ha ha...

Idk, I haven't heard that about husky before... though like human different dogs re a CT differentlyrics to different styles of training, some need positive or negative focus to start, others need positive or negative reactions.

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