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The thing that happened to you at Costco - that same thing happened to me once at a club in Tokyo called "Gas Panic".

I was talking with friends at our table, then suddenly I was in a long line for the restroom, then suddenly I was in the restroom washing my hands, finally I was back at our table again. I couldn't remember anything in between. That was also the night I tried a drink called a "flaming Lamborghini", which probably had something to do with my time leaps.

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Losing what? My sanity? checks for sanity 1 day later Ummm... Wait, what sanity?

Without knowing your health background it's hard to know for sure, but assuming your healthy, from what you've described i don't think you have anything to worry about.

Have you looked in the mirror under different lighting to see if your eyebrows look the same as in the photo? Photo's can cause hair to look different in colour.

Also if you're in your teens ( you don't have to answer that ) but your mind can be quite creative in a weird sense as it's developing. It doesn't fully form until your about 22 so I've read. Without going into details and boring people I remember being a teen and what you've described can be common for some... maybe many.. idk... but I wouldn't worry at this point unless you're smoking weed a lot or doing some kind of drug or have a really bad diet.

So long as the auditory hallucinations aren't telling you to do things I think you'll be fine.