I'm a fraidy cat who can't take attaching my name to posts

Image for post I'm a fraidy cat who can't take attaching my name to posts
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Aw, just name it and claim it.

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I've noticed that....guess they have nothing better to do than stalk our comments. And then do posts that are very similar to yours. Guess we should be flattered, you think? lol Let's take it as compliments....lol Jealousy comes in many different forms, just saying.

Oh, I expect there will be a post about these comments. lol


wait you don't have any idea who posted this?

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Yeah I wonder who posted this? Must be someone REALLY crazy!

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It HAS to be a guy....no girl would ever be this...TOMBOYISH

Who could this person be?

Oh dear Lord....this ain't nothing but a cheap shot at those that choose to post anonymous. I might be a dumb country girl but I ain't stupid. I figured it out as soon as I read the post.

If you are gonna make fun of those who choose to be anonymous at least do it with some originality. Sorry but your performance isn't winning you an Oscar anytime soon.

@TomboyJanet But honestly LP, people shouldn't hide like rats

Honestly I am sure some have their reasons that they feel it is important to them to do it. In my opinion it doesn't make them a rat especially if it is a question about everyday life.

Not my place to judge. Maybe some are worried they will be insulted or made fun of for simply posting an innocent opinion or question. To worry bout being bullied doesn't make someone horrible or a coward or a rat it makes them human.

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