Trump Steals 3,600 Jobs From Mexico!

It shows "how much actual leverage Trump has within specific companies, which is far greater than what Mexican elites thought until recently," said Mexican analyst Alejandro Hope.

Scuttled Ford plant has Mexico fearing more under TrumpFord's cancellation of plans to build a $1.6 billion auto manufacturing plant in Mexico has sounded alarms throughout the country
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Favorite quote: "This should put us on notice that when he says that he wants to renegotiate NAFTA, he means it," ~ Mexican Analyst Alejandro Hope

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Oh the humanity!!

That's how it's done..

Anybody can make their lips flap...actually get something done..

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Trump has nothing to do with this decision. Read ALL of the news, not just your alt right crap

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So you just confirmed what I always said. Businessmen are little dictators with rotten souls


What gives you that idea?


Did you work for him ????????????? its the ford article. I am on a mobile app and computer unsaavy, or computer ignorant so dont know how to copy/paste it on here. Read it though. It pretty much says this plan was in the works since bush, carrying over to obama. They are going to continue to build low cost, less profitable cars in mexico. Bigger, more elaborate autos with bigger profit margins here.ypu should be able to find it. It pretty much spells it out. I read your article too. Not as informative

@Carla its the ford article. I am on a mobile app and computer unsaavy, or computer ignorant so dont know...

The article I linked was from a site called "The Journal" (which I've never heard of before now), but they're simply posting the original AP article by Peter Orsi, so the story comes from AP. is "a liberal/progressive", "culture magazine" - according to wikipedia, anyways. Another way to put it: it's alt left crap. Just take a look at these hard-hitting & un-biased journalistic pieces right on their home page:

"Don't Forget That Megyn Kelly Is a Racial Demagogue"
"Donald Trump Appears Determined to Violate the Constitution on Day One of His Presidency"
"You're Going to Hate the Republican Tax Plan if You Own a Home"

And let's not overlook their footer: "Slate won't normalize Donald Trump. Help us hold him accountable."

Is this really the site you want to reference as your source for real news? Associated Press vs. Slate?

@faceman Nuts, well that didn't show up too well...

Some of that is true. As you will hate his tax plan, if you are a common man. The artucle i read had actual quotes from a ford rep. I saw no real information other than how the mexican people were handling the news. Which im sure is not pleasant to them. That i am not concerned about. Im thrilled that ford is lerping their more difficult to build lines here. But, you know that they dont have the reashearch and development capabilities there. And spending 700 million for plant upgrades is easier on their pockets then 1.6 billion to build a new plant there. I am aware enough of manufacturig to know that the article i read was speaking truth regarding the profitability of certain models. And decisions like this are not made in a day. They take months, sometimes years. But believe what you want. You can be a cheerleader, i will hang out under the bleachers.

They did say the atmosphere that trump promises was extra incentive

Trump just loves to take credit for things he didn't do