Still no site update?

I wonder why.

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I really don't want any updates. That puts the site off line buggs=all kinds of new problems. They said they wanted to make it more like SH was and that would be good, if they could do it without messing up what is already here.

Still waiting. Was supposed to be December...so let's count on June.

@TheCensoredBrit I have doubts it's going to happen at all now. Shame.

I believe it will happen. Making software changes are like doing home renos... They take more than half the time...

I figure June...and it will be worth the wait. Which is always what they say about home renos, too...

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I have worked with programming companies. Whenever there is a change things go wrong. So no updating keeps the site on line and I like that.

What made sodahead different? And what could be updated to make this better?

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