All we heard for months was Hillary's emails, day in and day out, even though nothing was in them that went against our national security, even costing her the election. And here is Trump agreeing with a known sex offender, Julian Assange, wanted in Sweden, indicted by the U.S. Government, who stole classified intelligence causing deaths of some of our military, and Trump is defending the Russian hacking, even going against our own CIA and many other intelligence agencies....and he will still become president. I'm sure most of his supporters are wondering why they ever voted for this man. He is the most crooked person/president our country has ever known. We all should be very worried about the next four years, if our country even survives. I say let's LOCK HIM UP!!!!!

I am very worried about Trump becoming president and how his administration can harm our nation. If he won't listen and believe our intelligence agencies, many countries could be harmed. If Trump should receive intelligence that one of our allies is in trouble, say England for one, and Trump doesn't believe it, and our strongest ally is harmed, many people killed because of his ignorance, then the world will turn on the United States....think about it, it could happen.