I have apparently made a comment that was too much and think i was blocked. I responded in kind and reckon it was too much. Im neither sad nor surprised. I will not miss the ugliness that transpired. I also will no longer debate our current political circus. It makes no difference what i think or know. Nobody cares and it just doesnt matter. So there you have it.

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I guess if someone wants to speak of Politics-related topics, the internet isn't the place for it - not having to face the consequences of what they're saying, brings up a lot of stupid, childish and cruel in people. It's difficult to find someone who you can speak about taboo topics with a open-mind from both sides.

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Don't stop. We are on your side.

If you run away and keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself - then the douche bags win.

I encourage you to stay of course, but share your thoughts and idea freely. Sure there will be those that disagree [you and I disagree sometimes], but how boring would life be if we all felt the same about everything?

Please, stick with it!

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opinion, just that not fact. yet you portray your opinions as fact

That is what they want. biggrin smilie

I would think twice before allowing yourself to be bullied into keeping your mouth shut. Many people are passionate about politics. Name calling and hateful rhetoric come with the territory.

Welcome to Amirite...

@TheCensoredBrit Welcome to Amirite...

Thank you, glad to be here:)

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Which comment... Where was I? Blocked. Welcome to the rest of us.

@Carla Look at my comments, its a long one

I just went through the very same thing, I wasn't blocked, but it was on the verge of turning bad. But that won't stop me from voicing my opinion.

Oh I will be damned if I stop believing how I believe & how I comment because some dumbass blocked me. That is just one less I have to put up with. Share what ya want...people ain't always gonna agree with what you say that is what makes us unique. If everyone agreed with what I said I would be a little worried & this place would be duller than it is now.

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Embarrassed??? I am not embarrassed or wrong. Y'all from that crew are hypocrits and narrow minded and full of shit. I bet your basking in the glow of having just finished your jerk off party. Look in the mirror "larry". You see what an idiot looks like. Go ahead and block me like your chump ass "friend". Cant take confrontation and truth.

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