About the 4 teenagers that tortured a boy live on Facebook: Here's a video that gives an unbiased reporting on this disgusting act, if you're interested.

After 5:23 (around that), the topic changes, so you don't have to keep watching it if you don't want to. Anyway, Philip DeFranco is known for delivering the news in a fair way, while still giving his opinion about it. If he gets the news wrong, he will correct it, as he actually cares about passing an accurate information on the topics he speaks of. If you're tired of biased media/reporting, I recommend his videos. But he does cover a lot of stuff that might not interest you, so... it's your choice. WARNING: if you're a bigot (I don't care which label you fit in) that thinks himself/herself as always right and everyone else that thinks differently as brainwashed or ill-informed, then I don't recommend you watching his videos. You will just get pissed sooner or later, as, eventually, he will say something you don't want to hear.