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Some people are less compulsive than others.

I had just gotten really busy fixing up a junky rental property and didn't have time. Also, my interests turned to my music a lot more.

They have better things to do.

Sometimes I go months without coming here. It's about priorities and how busy we are. Sometimes the questions and comments just seem to get old or stale. It's nothing against the posters or those who post comments. Some of us see this site, as well as other sites, as a diversion for entertainment and little more. For others, sites like this become their life.

I think it's different for different people. Some need a break, some have things going on in life, some are just being distracted for this reason or that.

Probably different for all kinds of reasons.

Oh I tend to stay away because I am either sleeping cause me medication knocks me out or I am in such pain I can't stand it. Sometimes I am doped up on medication & it is best I don't say a word because I can't stop what comes out of my mouth. I plan to avoid this place when I can till after my surgery.

I go through spells where I either have important things to do or have no urge to debate, argue, or spout my opinion.

People often need a break from a site like this one. Those people usually don't make a dramatic exit, announcing it.

@Sukiesnow Why...why d'you think ppl need a break... Being online is fun...

I think people need a break for various reasons. The site can be too much of a distraction from doing real life things that are far more important.
A site like this can also be rather 'toxic', due to the pettiness and downright hatefulness of some people.

I agree that being online can be very entertaining..... :)