Police pull back None willing to enter violent areas

OK Chicago is a mess. The police are not allowed to question people now so the whole city is paying the price.

This is a very long clip . I think those criminals are getting just what they wanted total freedom to be wild animals. civil liberties forced police to stop investigating so no there is no law. We will have to see what happens here.

17% They want it that way 67% Bring in special forces to clean it up 17% Other
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It's sadly comical when you have people so stupid, that they want the cops to stop interfering with their lives, so they can continue to be criminals, until they find themselves at the bottom of the food chain in a crime infested area. I think they just need to put up a 20 ft fence around those areas, pull all the cops out, wait 6 moths and go in and start over with whats left.

Probably not much would be left only the biggest monsters.

Bear in mind that organized crime in Chicago is a direct result of prohibition.

The first city police services were established in Philadelphia in 1751, Richmond, Virginia in 1807, Boston in 1838, and New York City in 1845. You might wonder why they didn't need cops before then.

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