What do Commenters expect from Posters? YOU commented...you gave us your opinion...(sincerely, thank you for that)...but what are we supposed to do, then? Especially if it's a topic we are knowledgeable on.

It helps to know your audience...especially ones that are new or who tend to be defensive...but still...when you Comment...know that you are putting it out there...and that something might come back to you. Learn how to handle the come-backs without being too defensive...there is a reason you commented in the first place...once you've taken that first risk you might as well stay and enjoy the party. IMHO

Image for post **What //do// Commenters expect from Posters?** YOU commented...you gave us your opinion...**(sincerely, thank you for that)**...but what are we supposed to do, then? //Especially if it's a topic we are knowledgeable on.//
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Agree...this seems to be a good month for discussing issues pertaining to Amirite...

An informed member is a happy member.

See...here it's the same (very lovely) Amiriters who are responding...simply since they are a lovely dedicated loyal lot...

But still...this is what I'd like newer members to read and respond to...get everyone's opinion....

I just don't like when people click other. I mean I get it if its like silly answers like me being like "no I think killing people is cool" That I just expect but like if I give u the choice of two things and you pick other it's not really a fair poll

I have no real expectations of my fellow Amiriters.

Sometimes I fear I treat you folks like white lab mice. I say what's on my mind, and then see how you respond. It's not scientific... just interesting.

I guess I expect some interaction in order to build relationships.

I don't expect anything from posters but I do enjoy most of your posts. We don't agree on some things but at least you give us the opportunity to discuss
those same topics.

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Sooooo...I have to start listening to the radio? Oh...that;s your own personal station...lol...

I dont really get the upvoting, loving, downvoting thing too well. I click on those that click on me. I also do if what someone is saying resonates with me. I think ive down voted 3 or 4 times when someone says something ugly. I reckon im not in it for achievements. But i do get a bit of a grin if someone loves a comment. I think i like it better tho if my comment sparks a conversation

@Carla I dont really get the upvoting, loving, downvoting thing too well. I click on those that click on me. I also do if...

Some ppl spend time making distinctions about whether to UV or UL someone's comments. They might then either UV or UL...depending on their assessment of the comment.
This is mostly old-school thinking.

Others breeze through merrily Upvoting and Uploving everyone. Why not?

A DownVote (DV) is meant mostly for someone who says something disgusting...whom in RL you might say NO WAY...you idiot!

DVs are given v rarely, but they can be effective if you know the commenter is coming back to the post and will see it... Sweet..!!

I don't expect anything from anyone...

People can say what they please..

Oh I don't expect a thing.

No matter what people are gonna do what they want to do.

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