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From books. But you have to instill that motivation. First you have to teach your child to read...thats a given


All you need to know about life can be learned from driving. You learn strategy, about timing, freedom, about co-operating and most importantly, you learn how to control and temper your feelings.

The internet...

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@DandyDon The internet...

Agree! I was just going to add that one...

How, tho...Dandy?

Am I putting you on the spot? Do you think FB is a fair way of learning about life?

@Sukiesnow Agree! I was just going to add that one... How, tho...Dandy? Am I putting you on the spot? Do you think FB is a...

If it is...i wouldn't know because i've never used Facebook..

No matter what you choose to learn from just realize..
Don't trust everything you hear or see...the first time you learn about it...

The internet can fill your head with bullshit, same as a college professor with an agenda...

@DandyDon The internet...

That's how I look when I'm winking. Like I'm really working at it...I'd love to do it effortlessly...and cool...

Oh that would be books & everyday life

I used to skip school and read. Small town schools in the 60's weren't much better than schools now.

Jaclyn Glenn and that is that Jaclyn Glenn is hot!!

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@TomboyJanet Jaclyn Glenn and that is that Jaclyn Glenn is hot!!

Leggy and lissome. Is this what you wish to be when you grow up? :) :)

You can learn anything outside of school from The Internet + books + everyday life.
Generally, you can learn practically anything you need from experience and communication, and that includes reading, listening to people, writing and talking to people. But reading is especially powerful, because you can do it at your own pace, and it is a means to communicate with people from other times and cultures. I totally agree with what Carla said about motivation, though: you have to somehow instill it. I think the child should learn how to read, then be gradually motivated (by parents, friends.) into discovering their own reading interests (without trying to forcefully impose your own interests).
Also, in order to read, you don't necessarily have to possess physical books. An Internet connection is enough.
The Internet has online books and dictionaries. You can find public domain literature available for free in practically any written language. You can also find a lot of free material about scientific and technical subjects. If you want to find people from other parts of the world to talk to and debate literary interpretations, technical problems, and so on, there are Q&A sites, such as StackExchange, where you can find experts and other students to talk to, for free. And of course there is also social media. And, if you want to hear people talking about just about any subject, there is YouTube. You can even benefit from free college course material through initiatives such as MIT OpenCourseWare. You can also learn other languages. So, the potential of the internet is huge.

Tutors. Every university has a school across the street where tutors teach you what you paid the uni to teach you. The teachers in uni tell you not to bother them because they didn't get their jobs by being good teachers.

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School should be revamped in every way possible.

We should get together and come up with a great new programme.