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Hollywood thinks that since we go to their movies and listen to their music and they have all gotten filthy rich off of us that they think we give a shit about what they think!

Go read your lines Hollywood! And when out in public, do us all a favor and STFU.

Samuel Jackson has relatives who can't afford health insurance???

President Obama will be missed. He was a good president, is a good man, never one moment of scandal in the 8 years he was president. And a good father. Now we have a person who is a disgrace to our country. Married 3 times, acts like he doesn't care about Melania, is a bigot, a liar, won't show his tax returns so what is he hiding, and now he's in bed with our worst enemy, Putin. And all he knows how to do is threaten, and diss people that don't agree with him. The latest being Meryl Streep.

For the first time in my life that I've been voting, I actually cried that we have this paranoid ignorant person as our president. Our country is doomed.

Are they actually bemoaning the loss of the Obamas or their own loss at not being invited to the White House anymore?

Many people in that video were not "Hollywood folks". I guess I understand why it bugs some people, that the current president is actually liked and respected by many Americans. I've never actually despised any president before. Disagreed with and not liked very much, for sure.

This upcoming one though, I do despise. Not because of his political affiliation, but because of the kind of person he clearly is.

@Budwick How did you and Donald get to know each other Piper?

I find that to be a somewhat goofy question, Budwick. Donald Trump has been a very public person for a long time.

His words and past and current behavior, are an indication of who he is.

Who cares?

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