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I've seen enough of him to last me 10 lifetimes. I'm hoping to never see him again.

Yes I did, it was great! It brought tears to my eyes when he was talking about Michelle and his family. He is a good President, a good man, not one hint of scandal in the eight years he was in office, not many presidents can say that, and a good father. He will certainly be missed.

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I just keep hoping one of his scandals will be exposed BEFORE he takes office. You're right, his administration will be nothing but chaos.

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I he said in the campaign, he could shoot someone and that wouldn't change anyone's support for him.

Yesterday on a Meryl Streep post, I couldn't believe some of the comments. They zeroed in on her instead of what she said, not being a great actress, lol, as if that mattered. What she said was true about him mocking the disabled man. They completely bypassed what she said and targeted her personally. But that's what these supporters do. It's crazy. They are all in for the shock of their lives when his scandals are revealed to all of us. When what he has done and will do is posted everywhere.

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Exactly. And I saw a post today still dissing President Obama. They never give up.

No...I watched The Curse Of Oak Island..

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I don't watch much tv but i like that show biggrin smilie

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I loved that also, Linnster. I thought it was very touching.

Yeah, I watched a bit and listened. And, what I came away with is an understanding of what the problem is between democrats and the rest of the world. You see, the democrats actually believed Obama, and, they still do!

Good grief no. Why would I listen to that narcissist? I watch some of the Alabama/Clemson game that I taped.

Yes, and it was moving. The man has class.