So I have tried to get my friends to join this site and they don't want to. Too much hostility over issues that can be ignored. I am posting anonymously to watch you all get into a panty twist.

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Maybe it's posts like this one is the reason your friends won't join. It's nothing but a pot stirrer.

Actually there haven't been any fights lately, it's been pretty quiet.

You know, if you want people to get their panties in a twist, saying that's your goal will make them react the exact opposite.

Which issues?

Dammit! I just untwisted 'em too!

I kinda get the idea, your "friends" are probably different shades of you being anonymous..

Do your friends have names?

For you we can make a deal! How much hostility would be about right?

hehe smiliehehe smilie

Okay I am sorry but this has made me laugh today. Sadly my friends said the same thing. I asked them to check it out because I thought they would like it. I was told "no way" part of them didn't like the fighting & drama, part of them didn't like the content of the posts & some said high school wasn't this bad but not this bad. I went as far as explaining the could block an individual if they didn't like what was displayed.