I just need to get this off my chest. It has me fuming! In the news today, and yesterday, and the days before that, we are hearing a lot about the corruption of the intelligence agencies as a whole. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that’s just crap! It’s not the intelligence agencies, or the agents that work in them that are the problem. Most of these agents sacrifice more and deal with more crap than the average person can possibly imagine. The problem lies at the leadership positions in these agencies. These “political positions” are selected by the president. These people who are appointed, for lack of better words, are “bought and paid for”, and owned by the president or his party. Remember when the Hillary emails were being looked into and the FBI chief was claiming there was nothing there? Remember that it was the “agents” who were angry about the cover-ups and were threatening to go public, even though it would have ended their careers. It was the “agents” who were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements about what they found. Unfortunately, that is what has happened to our intelligence agencies. The leadership of those agencies have just become another arm of the president and his administration, to lie to the American people. Intelligence agents investigate and collect data. Then, it is turned over to analysts. The final reports are provided to directors and agency heads. Those “heads” report what they want to report, and if it isn’t in line with the politics controlling them, it is MADE to reflect the views and outcomes desired.