SJWs make too big of a deal out of issues.

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What are SJWs?

@StarzAbove What are SJWs?

Social Justice Warrior - there's this kind of people on the internet that like to complain about everything, while hiding behind a face of "I'm saying this because I care", while in truth they just want to make drama.

The problem is nowadays, people can't really tell the difference from this kind of people and normal people, so they just go around calling SJW to anyone that supports, for example, a movement. It's normally directed at the social liberals in the internet.

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wrong, SJW are people are are wrong who calls us bigots because we disagree with them,

No. Social Justice Warrior might be one of the most idiotic insults I've ever seen. I've been accused of being one simply because I said I don't like bullies, any kind of it. When I explained the problem I saw on the specific case, with as much patience as I explain my points of view here, not showing myself pissed or "triggered", I was quickly put aside as a SJW. Simply because I gave a shit about something.

And then people get surprised why this society is so selfish. Oh, I don't know. Have you tried not putting down the ones that give a damn, not grouping them all as the same whining hypocrites that go around screaming this and that for this and that, but then don't do shit about it? Not everyone is complaining just to complain. If people stopped being morons about it, that would be fantastic.

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They are pretty good at that..

they make non issues into issues and calls everyone who knows the truth bigots because we won;t bow to their lies

This is ridiculous!

wink smilie

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