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Sorry reread the impractocal dream has always been that i could fly. That dream is supposed to go away as we grow to adulthood, mine stays with me......

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Maybe your parents can leave you some money? Get them to part with some of it before they retire and it all goes to the government.

I have always dreamt that i would soend my elder years in a warm climate, with an ocean. I have yet to give up on that.

Get a Fruit Bat for a pet.

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@Cezar Get a Fruit Bat for a pet.

They only live in southern - like Amazon - climes...ha.

Yep! When a local big amusement park closed, I asked my mom if we could possibly buy the roller coaster. I really wanted one! hehe smilie

@Sukiesnow She probably told all her friends about what you said...

Yeah, I'm sure she did. But she understood ... Mama loved roller coasters too. a smilie

@JanHaskell Yeah, I'm sure she did. But she understood ... Mama loved roller coasters too.

When we were kids and couldn't go to sleep...we might sometimes...listen to parents' conversations when they were having parties. And one night, we overheard some of the things we said or did...and everyone laughing...ha.

I only said "sometimes" since it could get pretty boring...ha.

I like you Sukie, you're so creative. As a child I had a repetitive nightmare that something was pulling me away in a dark hallway. One time I decided to look back and I saw a wooden doll like Pinnochio, then I was scared now I'm confused.

Being able to live comfortably and make a difference in the world.

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poor little monkeys hopefully they can keep living in a jungle. Maybe you can get an electric monkey, they had wind ip monkey toys long ago.

I wanted a miniature dragon.

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I had a tiny rubber dragon I was fond of. My brother didn't impound my stuff much, he just messed some of it up.