Obama Presents A Participation Award To Joe Biden

President Barack Obama on Thursday awarded Vice President Joe Biden the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor, during a surprise event at the White House paying tribute to him. ... Biden, already teary during the tribute, began crying when the award was announced.

Biden of course has been sort of the Crazy Uncle at Thanksgiving dinner as a Vice President and actually has done nothing noteworthy. When I heard someone comment on the radio today that this was more of a participation award - Well, I had to share it.

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0% For security or national interests of the United States 17% For world peace 0% For cultural or other significant public or private endeavors 67% For showing up 17% Other
Budwicks avatar TV, Movies & Theatre
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The only people who don't see many of the awards that obama has given out, as a joke, are obama, biden, and the Hollywood clowns he sucks up to.

JustJimColos avatar JustJimColo For showing up +2Reply

Biden was always good for a laugh... part of me is sad to see him go. Maybe Trump could keep him around... he could wear colorful clothes, a funny hat & shoes (with bells on them).

facemans avatar faceman For showing up +2Reply

Yea, I wasn't too sure about that either, but I just scanned a list of previous recipients? Strom Thurmond, Donald Rumsfeld, Billy Graham, Dick Cheney. Heck, Biden deserves one for just showing up and not being Dick Cheney.

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