The biggest lie in the world is saying "I'm fine." Amiritie? But, imagine the response to people telling the truth. I.E.: A friend you meet on the street...idly you ask: How Are You? Them breaking down, and crying..My Life is in Tatters, thank you for asking! I'd like to go now...Soooo...what would you do, then, upon hearing the actual truth?//

To those people who say they never lie. They lie almost every day. It's a social lie... Social lies are meant for a reason.

17% Never ever ask again 50% Deal with //asked//... 33% Other
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Usually, when asked, i say "alright" no lies. If someone i ask has issues i will tey and help, even if its just a hand on the shoulder

Social lying is meant for a reason. It isn't an appropriate arena for bringing your troubles out. Especially not while passing someone by on the street.

Save it for...later. Or say "call me"...

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It has become a little 'joke' , among some of my loved ones and I. There are various responses to the question, even WHEN the person asking actually cares. :)

"Pretty good, not too bad, I'm okay, could be worse, fair to middlin'....".
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Personally, I do not consider not subjecting someone inquiring to exactly how one is doing, to be an actual lie. Not of the really concerning kind, anyway. I have no doubt that even those of us who really value honesty in ourselves and others, do indeed not always tell someone exactly how they really doing.

Try. Oops.

You giving me a hard time sukie?

Hope not.......

@Carla Try. Oops. You giving me a hard time sukie? Hope not.......

Ha. It's that stupod new spell check which makes up you've got me flustered...ha.

@Sukiesnow Mobile app is tough. Use computer??

I have a laptop. It somehow rejected my router. Its happened before. I need to call for tech help to get it back online.

I dont sit still well. So this suits me.

Still need to fix it though.

Oh I would rather someone tell me what is wrong then say they are fine when I know good & well they are not. That very question has cause me more issues than I care to count. I have three friends that if I actually say I am fine & I am not all hell breaks loose.

This occurred last week. I said "I am fine" which was met with "Bullshit, I don't know how you are fooling because I know I ain't a dumbass & your mama didn't raise a liar. I wasn't fine but I don't like troubling anyone.

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