Its late and i should be sleeping, but since i cannot, i will pose some thoughts. Personally i am over hearing the rumors. The right are thrilled that they won. And not so thrilled that the left is not. Trump will be sworn in, he won. But if he won unfairly, it will be exposed. I cannot believe that the majority is too comfotable with trumps apparent kinship to putin. Putin is relishing the devisiveness of our people. He will use it. Others will question the validity of our system and may choose different paths regarding their own sytstems of governing. A weak europe will strenthen russia. They are not our allies. Putin is playing everyone. You cannot believe that is good for anyone. Hopefully trumps team will guide trump in the right direction. But his words are heard and they are not in keeping with our values. Belittling out intellegence is just giving legitamacy to putins denials. It will also give him permission to try and retake old soviet states. These are all cause for concern. If trump has disqualifying issues, a diligent team of investigators will uncover them. It is fair to say that he should not he allowed to go unchecked. And the threat of lawsuits should not be allowed either. We can only hope that he is not as power driven as many believe, including myself, that he seems to be. For out potus to believe he is all powerful is a recipe for disaster. But until this all plays out, all we the people can do is watch, and wait. If his actions or words warrent duscussion, we should partake in those discussions. Some of us,will be wrong, some will be right. But at present we all really KNOW nothing. Other then he has said some pretty disgusting things. Whether even he believes himself is yet to be seen......

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I don't think Trump is power driven - money and fame seems more his taste. And while some people think they are the same, it's not identical. If there was a way to have more power, but with less money or without any fame, I don't see Trump going along with that.

And I still don't understand how Americans that say they love their country can be okay with Russia intervening their election. That makes no sense to me. It's the USA, for ffs. Isn't the joke that Americans are all crazy patriotic that love their country and guns as much as they love air? That joke used to have a little bit of truth in it, but if you are an American and you are okay with Russia having control over your country... yeah, no, that doesn't fit. Being allies and not go to war is one thing - having them deciding who's your President is another. They literally had hand on who's in power more than the Americans themselves. That should make everyone pause and think. Russia is for Russia. They're not for America.

But yeah, people now have to see what's going to happen. I'm hoping it goes for the best for the USA.

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@Sofia I don't think Trump is power driven - money and fame seems more his taste. And while some people think they are the...

Yes. All Americans should be alarmed when a foreign government, and an adversarial one at that, is able to influence in our own elections. On the flip side though, I find it impossible to feel much righteous indignation knowing my own government has done similar things.

Thank you sofia.

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@Carla Thank you sofia.

You're welcome :)

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Thats what i said in my post, trooper. I know you dont agree with my views, i get that. Now, we have to wait and see. I hope us does well by us. But, i hope too that if he does somethin aggregious, you will recognize it. No excuses.

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Nailed it...

Russia is our enemy, and for Trump to be cozying up to him is a major concern for all of us. Even the Republicans are starting to worry about him. Trump is power hungry, money hungry and all for Trump. He's paranoid, and can't stand it when anyone disagrees with him or says anything unfavorable about him. I'm sure Putin has some real dirt on him that could really damage him and the presidency, so that's why Trump will say nothing or do nothing bad about Putin. He will try to save his own skin rather than do the right thing for the American people.

Hopefully, the public will soon know of all the classified information about Trump that they are now hiding from us. And we all see what Trump is hiding BEFORE the inauguration.

Trump won the election and will be our next president. Even if we were presented with concrete proof that Russian influence was the deciding factor in Trump being elected (and I think that's near impossible), the election results will not be reversed.

One thing we do very well in the United States is peacefully transition power from one administration to the next.

Nothing we can do but wait and see. And pounce when he makes mistakes. And he will. :)

@beachbum And did you pounce quickly when Hilly made mistakes?

Wha...? Of course not. If you have a favourite child you give them the benefit of the doubt.

Anyway..people on here have suggested Trump is only better than Killary by an increment.

@Sukiesnow Wha...? Of course not. If you have a favourite child you give them the benefit of the doubt. Anyway..people on...

My nephew married a woman with a couple of daughters - one was/is obviously the favorite, and she has gotten away with a lot of stuff that the younger one hasn't. One day last summer, the two girls were arguing, and the older one slapped the other - well, the other slapped her back. The older one in mad/crying that the younger one had slapped her. Mama immediately came out and started to fuss at the younger one. Fortunately, my nephew saw the whole thing, and told her everything was ok, so she dropped it. My point being is that when you have a blind spot toward someone, then you only see what you want to see and not the whole story.
As you already know, Trump was not my pick, but I would have voted for roadkill (assuming you know what that is...)before I would have voted for Hilly. I have absolutely no blind spots when it comes to ANY politician.

Nobody is overly thrilled when they lose anything, especially an election. We weren't real thrilled when obama won in 2008, but he ended up doing more for the Republican Party than any other Democrat in history. The public responded to his policies by giving the right, the senate, the house and now the presidency.
All I hear, every day is whining from the left that he did not win fairly, he is illegitimate, and the list goes on. The left is demonstrating. Even elected Democrats are claiming they will not recognize him as president. I'm just curious.... who DO they recognize as president? Jefferson Davis? While the right was not happy with obama's elections, and many believed there was mass corruption in those elections, did the right protest, riot (It's coming), declare he was not the real president, etc etc? Did they blame citizens, other countries, and use every other excuse imaginable? No. They accepted it. The left even believes they can still, somehow, prevent the President Elect from taking office? Is that really what you want? Do you really want the country to try to install a president by mob rule? Do you really think you can get your way by protests and riots? If so, you'll have to think twice about that. You have to understand that there are just as many people who voted for and stand behind Trump. Do you really want a physical confrontation with the Trump supporters? Who would win if the right, acted like the left?

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No john. We should not befriend murderers and tyrants. Europe yhemselves should be concerned about him. By befriending we are condoning him. Its dangerous for the entire world. Putin eliminates any who oppose him in his own world. Do you condone that? Lets shrink it down. Say you own a plumbing company. Ypu have an opportunity to work with a heating and air company. It will increase your profits and allow you access to more work. But this other company has killed off his competition. YOU didnt do it. Now are going to enrich yourself by working with them, or are you going to condemn their actions and go a different direction?

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Yet, Obama knew about Russia's hacking for well over a year - even told Putin to stop doing it, but Obama did nothing about it. If Hilly had won, there would be a peep about any of this. And, the fact that at least 5 countries hacked Hilly's server doesn't seem to be an issue, nor is the fact that Obama spent American taxpayer money to try to influence the Israeli election last year. The issue is cyber security, and until that gets locked down and this country is secure, there is going to be huge problems.

We will see...

What shred of evidence is there that Trump won unfairly as you profess?

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@Budwick What shred of evidence is there that Trump won unfairly as you profess?

I didnt say he won unfairly. I said IF he did, it would be uncovered. Stands to reason if he did not, it will not.

Hey Carla: How you doin?
It's my understanding from listening to Trump speak about Putin, that he has never met the man and is simply keeping an open mind. He has stated many times that if they "get along" then fine, if they don't it won't be because of preconceived biases.
Sounds reasonable to me. Why are you concerned?

@Daver Hey Carla: How you doin? It's my understanding from listening to Trump speak about Putin, that he has never met the...

Im fine daver, how about yourself?

I worry about mr trumps refusal to accept his intellegence findings.

I worry that he has praised putin in the past. Apparently because putin praised him.
Putin is a murderous tyrant. And should be dealt with, with much caution.

I do think we should keep relations cordial, but cautionary. He is not our friend, nor should he be.

Lifting sanctions(which he has not yet done) in my mind, is aquiescing to his agressive moves in the countries that surround him.

Do you think if putin spoke of trump with distain, trump would be so willing to be close?

And quite honestly, this huge oil deal that is on hold because of sanctions is a bit hinky in my mind.

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