You are a perfectionist. That can be bad...and that can be good. If you can, please name the bad or the good outcomes of being a perfectionist.

My dear friend: while we were eating your lovely meals...we would rather have had your company...but, instead...you were busy in the kitchen making sure everything was perfect.

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Im one of the people in the kitchen. You may have missed my company, but the food was pretty damned good. Now i get to sit with everyone and have coffe and coconut cake.

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Oh despite what some of my friends believe, I am far from being perfect. Although I did just spend the last 5 hours working on my resume that was only because I need to get away from where I work. One bad thing is people expect you to be perfect all the time & give ya hell when ya don't live up to their expectations of perfection.

I am? OMG! When did this happen?