At what age and at which time, did you start drinking tea or coffee?

Image for post **At what age and at which time, did you start drinking tea or coffee?**
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I was about 6 when I began drinking tea with lots of milk at breakfast...Those Canadian winter mornings are cold...it's nice to have something to warm you up...after getting out of bed...dressing in the cold...no such thing as heated flooring...

Then...I segued into coffee...during college ... It only seemed natural when someone going out to get coffees for everyone should get me one, too...

There you go...

I started drinking coffee one night during the mid-watch in the navy. I was headed to the bridge for my turn at the helm and could barely keep my eyes open. So it began. Now I'm addicted.

I dont remember not drinking iced tea. My mother is from texas and drinks it all the time. Not a fan of hit tea though. And coffee? When i was 15.

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I was about five when I started drinking "coffee milk" .... lots of milk with a little coffee. Same with tea. I always wanted whatever my grandma was having.

Noooo, HOT tea

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Started drinking tea as a kid. Never drank coffee.

Well, since tea is always the good guy I guess I started drinking tea very young, I guess they didn't let me drink coffee until I was 13. When I got to drink coffee I sure felt like a big boy.

@Sukiesnow Beer. When did you get to drink beer?

Oh, I guess it was when I was very little like 10-12 I mean I tasted it then as my grandpa thought it would discourage me from drinking or he just wanted to laugh :D. About hard alcohol our class organized itself and we went to a cottage in the woods and there was all kinds of alcohol. Honestly I don;t like hard alcohol very much, I mostly enjoy beer and wine.

@Sukiesnow Your class party sounds like a hot mess....:D

Oh yeah, the advantage of being a late bloomer, they envied me that the first whiskey I got to taste was Jack Daniels and not some cheap crap.

I stared drinking coffee at 19

I don't, only cold drinks for me. 乂º◡º乂

@Sukiesnow Even during a snow blizzard, hon?

Nope I still drink cider during blizzards. 乂^◡^乂

I don't remember the first time I drank it. And I don't drink tea or coffee that much nowadays.

Age 18, college cafeteria. By the time I left college, coffee was a way of life.

Oh I was about 6 when I started drinking hot tea. I was about 7 when I started drinking coffee. I can tell ya coffee has been a life saver a time or two because it has helped when I couldn't breathe.

I was drinking coffee milk in one of these...
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And no it wasn't last year...

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