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Nothing but a money making scheme..

They invent a pill for heart burn...

It cures heart burn, but...

It makes your eyebrows fall off, causes constipation, gives you dry itchy skin, causes anal bleeding, gives you nightmares, causes dry mouth, that could lead to choking....watery eyes, ringing in your ears, migraine headaches....

Soon, you're waiting to see one of those commercials that tell you how to go about suing the company that sold you those pills...

All because you just have to have extra pepperoni on your pizza..

Big Pharmas much have a wonderful business model. They supposedly spend twice as much on marketing as they do on R&D. I'm not sure if "marketing" includes lobbying.

@Cezar A model that needs to be brought down. I hope Trump sticks to his...

That would be something..

You know, I can't let myself entertain such thoughts for too long. It leaves me too bitter if/when promises are broken.

Ah, perhaps that just decades of government disappointments talking.

But yes, it would be something.