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And what if he has not been pretending? What if his one real goal, is to just, make America great again?

Actually, after seeing some of his old words and opinions, I had this crazy thought xD That he was passing as a Republican, saying what the Republicans wanted to hear, but then, when he got to President, he would go back to his old beliefs and words, which were more democrat. It was just for some seconds, and quickly dismissed. Horrible and very stupid plan. That would only get a lot of people pissed.

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Trump should be very afraid of tricking people in such ways. It's already "normal" for people to hate rich people. If a rich person made a fool of so many people so obviously, I can easily see someone pick up a gun and shoot him.

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But people are not seeing that. It baffles me, for real, but there is still people saying he's legitimate and those are "false accusations", or made up by the mainstream media. Until he screws with his most hardcore supporters, he's safe.

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I stopped paying attention to what his people say - one of his people said to not pay attention to what Trump says, that we have to pay attention to his heart. That that what's matter. They make even less sense than he does.

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Just Googled the name. Yes, it's her.

Who gives a shit? The Steelers won.

Trump is a con man, and some people believe what he is saying. He is a businessman and he's in it for the money. That's why he won't divest, why he won't show his tax returns. And people are going to be in for a shock when he's actually in office and is still conning them. Heaven help us all.

IF you mean only pretending to be a vindictive, bullying, petty blowhard.....nah, he has a long history of that.

Trump has a lot more to lose than to gain materially from being President. He's already made it in life, he could easily have kept doing what he's been doing, being liked by almost everyone, but instead, he set all that aside to clean up the system - a system that pretty much everyone agrees badly needs cleaning up. When you look at the sacrifices he's made already to serve his country, and then the amount of abuse and hatred directed toward him from so many people, it really illustrates the reason America has had such bad leadership. The only people who want a job like that are climbers, people looking to enrich themselves at the expense of the public. And when the public is so abusive, it makes it that much easier to abuse them in return, so it feeds on it's self. I hope Trump is able to transcend that paradigm.

Why can't you just give the guy a chance. He's doing all he can to put together a great team to serve this country. In the areas that he is weak on, he has some really great people to help us.

@ozzyboy Why can't you just give the guy a chance. He's doing all he can to put together a great team to serve this country...

Honestly I just stopped caring about him. Neither am I giving him a chance nor am I hating on him. I'm just not caring anymore, however I do have boundary and people should not cross it. My grades and future are more important, however I do like coming up with theories, which explain this post. don't plan on having children in this life so if Trump messes up the U.S., not my problem. Also, not all people are as great as they say they are, unless they proven that they are. So Trump has not proven to be great. He has said a lot of retarded things then contradicted himself, then proceeding to harrass a disabled reporter (you may say that he was however, it's funny until gets hurt), then he was recorded to say "Grab her by the pussy". Why don't I don't grab you by your balls? How does that feel? Assuming you are man. If you're not then read it with pussy filled in.

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First of all: what is GM?
second: there are a lot of law makers, that are planning to boycott his inauguration.
third: both houses want him out of office
fourth: the states are rioting for him to get out of office
Fifth: North Korea agrees with what he says and look at they run their country.
Sixth: Russia thinks of him as a good leader and their definition of a leader is a toddler.
Seventh: Trump doesn't buy everything from the US, you can look them up
Eighth: even he does put his country before him, he has a history of bankruptcy and the US is already in a $19 TRILLION total debt.
Ninth: Does he even know that saying COUNTRY includes all races, immigrants, sexs, and gay people? If he wants to serve his country first, then he needs start doing it right and not encourage violence against them.

BTW he contradicts his words everytime. He's probably watching this and laughing at you.

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