Here is my prediction: Trump and Putin will indeed negotiate, they will attempt to divide the world much like two mob-bosses divide a city. They will try to rule via protection racket, control the drug (pharma) traffic and to profit from all trade deals. His talk about NATO/UN being obsolete, the seemingly contradictory statements about nukes, and his cabinet appointments all make sense now.

Given Trump's recent comments about releasing the sanctions (put in place after Putin annexed Crimea) which prevented a joint venture between Exxon/Mobil and the Russian government to tap oil reserves in the arctic circle (and the $half-billion$ held in escrow) and when taken in context with the 1989 interview where Trump explained his plan to the Reagan administration to create business opportunities in Russia to strengthen ties and convince Russia to partner with the US to prevent proliferation of nuclear materials outside the direct control of either county, it makes sense that he would say we should both increase our supply of nukes and also negotiate disarmament with Russia. He wasn't talking about disarming Russia or the US, he was talking about disarming the rest of the world. His appointment of Rex Tillerson (CEO of Exxon and Putin friend) makes this arctic deal very probable especially with Rick Perry to help gut the Dept of Energy and deregulate Exxon's actions; Steven Mnuchin (both a banker and a movie producer) can secure financing in the US (while Wilbur Ross [commerce] can get financing from oversea with his connection to Rothschild) and Mnuchin can produce films that support the agenda (propaganda) while discouraging films that reveal the ulterior motives; Generals Kelly and Mattis provide the military posturing required for this scheme to work; the connection are endless and the writing is on the wall.