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People will do what they choose once i am gone.
I have in place what to do with my ashes.

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Right. It's just something I've thought of on occasion, and once a coworker mentioned adding a song to her wake playlist, so I thought there might be others like me.

Knowing my family, they'll do whatever they please anyway. roll smilie And besides, I have much more sophisticated musical tastes than they do (read: they hate my music).

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The cremation will happen if you decree it.
The absence of the ceremony may happen. But cant stop people from gathering in your memory.
And to be forgotten? You have had to go through life without having touched anyone.
Bet thats not the story.......

For awhile it was something that was ALL I could think about. Imagine having a memorial and listening to horrific music.

It is possible that I might not care...but friends attending would.

Yes and it is all written out. They will have enough to think about so I'll make it easier on them with listing how I would like things. They will do it until they read my will.hehe smiliehehe smiliehehe smilie

I live by this song, so might as well die by it too. : )

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I told my sister to just get me cremated so no money needs to be spent on that.

I always said I would not show up for my own funeral, and I finally found a way to accomplish that.

Yes, and I wrote it out.

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