Fellow liberals, Donald Trump did not ride to victory on a “working class rebellion” what happened was the people became disheartened and chose not to vote. Under the Democrats leadership the party turned sharply to the right. It became beholden to the nation’s unelected dictatorship of money. The party abandoned its base: the working class, the champions of social justice, and the lovers of peace. We the people need to heed these warnings, if we want to survive there must be a profound and fundamental end to the neoliberal order, a retreat from the empire of greed and war. We must invert the military budget and turn it towards economic development, by creating jobs that rebuild our infrastructure and a new green economy. Failure to support true-leftist leadership in the coming midterm election will keep us on this current road to destruction where the visions of the Hunger Games will surely come to fruition.

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He said the party turned sharply to the right. HA! He's nuts facedude.

@JerryHendrickson He said the party turned sharply to the right. HA! He's nuts facedude.

Yeah I saw that too. :D

I didn't know the "champions of social justice" were even able to turn right.

Im with you brother.

Yeah, people refused to vote - which explains how Hillary got the majority.

Yeah, democrats turned right - right into a wall - in unison, since no democrat would think of voting his / her conscience if it fell outside the party line.

The democrat party abandoned America! They couldn't care less about what the people want or need - they worked tirelessly for larger government, repressive regulation, greater power for government, less liberty for people.

We tried rebuilding infrastructure under Obama already, with his shovel ready jobs and super spending spree. It bought us a lot of signs next to projects that never happened.

I agree on one thing though - the democrat party has hung itself. It's body is still twitching while hanging there in the public square with the media still trying to assert itself. But, it's over.

Have a nice day!

You did.

All of these things democrats worked tirelessly for? Lets see what happens if and when its all taken away.

The fact that she won by 3M more popular votes doesn't exactly lend to this theory. Nor does this theory lend to the Russian interference theory.

She secured 3M more votes than he did, thus there was no Trump-uprising as the majority of people in fact chose her. Russian interference couldn't have cost her an election that she ultimately won by 3M more popular votes. And low turnout didn't stop her from securing 3M more popular votes than Trump.

Truth is, the electoral college decided this election as it does all elections, it chose for you. The two party primaries work the exact same way, they choose for you. The system is designed to choose for us, we aren't supposed to have a say.

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