Cops hide to catch you speeding. Sneaky good or sneaky bad?

Image for post **Cops hide to catch you speeding.** //Sneaky good or sneaky bad?//
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Everything is an agree. I've decided, for the New Year, that I might as well make most posts Opiinions.

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Opiinions... With three i's... hehe smilie

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If they gave ppl a chance without hiding...it would be so much better. They might not be hated as much.

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I agree... I'm all for second chances. Maybe a couple of chances and one ticket. Especially those photo tickets... Do you have those in Ottawa? Over 300 bucks.

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Either that or you don't go out much where you have to drive. That's always a good solution. Especially in Britain, where transit is so easy.

I wish more drivers would take "The Better Way."

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Are you kidding?? Never. But I like being driven around.

Agreed, this is a speed trap to make money and has to be stopped.

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They would never catch anyone if they were out in the open. I've never had a speeding ticket, never been pulled over for anything. And I drive a busy Interstate all the time.

Sneaky good. They may also catch the nut case who is driving like it's a video game.

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Pretty good damn speech, DW.

Depends on the road limits... some road limits near me are ridiculously low... like 25 when they should be at least 35 and maybe 40. But there are other places where the limit is set right and people dangerously try to go double the limit. Also with police you know if they're not hiding then they're spending themselves down the road...

Oh I think it's bad only cause I finally got busted...Sadly he was in plain sight when I decided to zoom on past hehe smilie

I learned a valuable lesson which is when the officer says "do you know how fast you were going" for the love all things holy...don't say "not fast enough"hehe smiliehehe smilie

I don't care, it's been years since I last got a speeding ticket..

The next one i get (If i ever get another one) can be chalked up for the 100's of times, that i was sneakier...

its aweful, prove sthey aren;t there to serve and protect, they are their to tax us more

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