Do you like buying CDs and records? what was the last one you bought?

56% CDs 11% Records 33% Other
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This was the latest addition to my collection:
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in the 80's I listen to the radio more because the new music is no good in my opinion.

I might have 4 or 5 cd's right now, same for records..

I couldn't even guess what was the last one I bought.

I don't use them...they're just things that clutter and make a mess and i already have enough of that..

I'm ashamed to say I can't remember the last time I bought a CD

Vinyl records were so expensive that I only bought three dozen in my whole life. In the days when a man worked for a dollar an hour, a record cost five dollars. CDs are so cheap that I bought about a hundred, but I eventually realized that I don't listen to most of them a second time, so I stopped buying.