I hate when people hate on the millennials and never care to listen to us. Remember how the media said that its the millennials fault that barred soap is slowly dying, and we stated that after, we used it, it's covered in germs? Sometime later, scientist reported that soap is covered in germs and your rubbing it all over your body. ;)

In all honesty, so if we always what we want? Its called us working for it and tearing ourselves apart to get it. Not all of us are told we are special, heck my dad tells me to jump of a cliff. Most of us know how to get jobs, how to dress up for an interview, how to make connections, by senior year in high school. Its not the millennial's fault America had terrible candidates, if the generation before us just listened to us, we would a president we would agree on. There wasn't any bad parenting, heck half of us just want to make a positive difference in society, but once something bad happens, all of a sudden, IT'S MILLIENIAL'S fault. A few days ago, my dad suggested that I get a government job. How can I get a government job when I just graduated high school, not even a bachelor will get me a good job. Then he proceeds to says that I am stupid for not wanting a government? I can't even get one, how is it my fault, exactly?




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I don't remember anything about soap disappearing..and there's enough hate to go around for everyone..

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Where on the post does it says not to blame anything on the Millennials, that they are free of any fault? confused smilie

Blame should be put where it's deserved. If the millennials do something bad, point it out. If they don't, then find the actual people that screw up to blame. Way too many people don't do that, which is what the post is referring to.

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I apologize for my mistake of words, I really meant that sometime people blame us for things that either not our fault or they never really listened to our reasoning.

Nobody is blaming millennials, even when they seem to. Millennials are the result of sweeping changes to the public education system, mostly dating from the 1940s and 1950s, and people are grieving for a lost nation.

Complaining about the younger people is the fashion of every generation. And pointing out only the worst is the moronic technique that people use to "prove" they are right.

I am turning 71 years old next month and I agree with you, Strawberrymuffin. But I don't remember the media blaming the millennials for barred soap dying. Your explanatory paragraph made more sense to me. It sounds like you actually have a work ethic and want to earn your proper living and not depend on us old taxpayers to pay for it through welfare. I wish you well with your job search, but I will advise you to have more confidence about that because the job market will improve under the Trump presidency because more businesses will start hiring more and investing more money because the economy will improve under the Trump administration.

Who the heck would rub soap directly on their body? When I lived at home and everyone shares soap, we were taught to rub the soap bar onto the cloth then wash.

Over a period roughly 1930 to 1960, public schools stopped teaching everything that applied to real life. They stopped teaching civics first, so when the people began to realize what was being done to the children, they were already too stupid to know what to do about it. That was called "busing" and it was a fierce battle in the 50s. But the schools just let the parents wear themselves out, and kept right on cranking out stupider and stupider young adults. That's you. So it's not your fault, you were required by law to learn to be stupid. So was I, except I was in school while they still taught actual arithmetic. That was the only useful subject I learned in school. Everything else I had to learn on my own.

@SmartAZ Over a period roughly 1930 to 1960, public schools stopped teaching everything that applied to real life. They...

Really, cause in my school I was taught how to be financially stable, how to act professional, how to write resumes, how our government works, how to identify sexual assault in the work field, how to network, how to cook for a family, how to identify abuse, and other subjects.