I hate when people hate on the millennials and never care to listen to us. Remember how the media said that its the millennials fault that barred soap is slowly dying, and we stated that after, we used it, it's covered in germs? Sometime later, scientist reported that soap is covered in germs and your rubbing it all over your body. ;)

In all honesty, so if we always what we want? Its called us working for it and tearing ourselves apart to get it. Not all of us are told we are special, heck my dad tells me to jump of a cliff. Most of us know how to get jobs, how to dress up for an interview, how to make connections, by senior year in high school. Its not the millennial's fault America had terrible candidates, if the generation before us just listened to us, we would a president we would agree on. There wasn't any bad parenting, heck half of us just want to make a positive difference in society, but once something bad happens, all of a sudden, IT'S MILLIENIAL'S fault. A few days ago, my dad suggested that I get a government job. How can I get a government job when I just graduated high school, not even a bachelor will get me a good job. Then he proceeds to says that I am stupid for not wanting a government? I can't even get one, how is it my fault, exactly?