'A message to all foreign capitals- from now on its America First, America First' Is it just me who finds that chilling?

Are we all now expected to kowtow to America or else? Can we no longer expect American help if we need it in the face of Russian aggression?

Image for post 'A message to all foreign capitals- from now on its America First, America First' Is it just me who finds that chilling?
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I don't...if he said "America last".

I would find that chilling..

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I don't know how someone misunderstood what he said, probably has something to do with listening to those "reliable" news sources...

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Yep...Just give the man a damn chance..

They can pull the wool over peoples eyes, with their gang of news media and most of Hollywood working for them..

Like i said earlier, just glad the majority of people knew MSM is total bullshit and lies..

I believe a large part of the population is also getting tired of Hollywood actors, thinking their shit doesn't stink and everyone should take their advice as gold..

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Putting your country first is not a problem. Screwing over the rest of the world as you do it is. Nationalism is on the rise all over Europe.People you don't really want in power- and I include Britain in this- are or soon may be in power. Talking to other people who- like me have history degrees - on various forums , we are all agreed that what is happening is very similar to the build up to WW1. It may only need one catyclismic event for the world to explode into war.Everyone should take a step a back and realise what is happening before it is too late.And everyone in America should realise that amongst those who voted the majority - by a huge margin- voted for Clinton. It is your archaic system which was supposed to stop someone like Trump rising to power which has made a man who thinks NATO is outdated and still won't commit Americas continued support to it which has made him President.

Just you...

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That had a lot to do, with helping Trump become president...

Some people take that news media as gospel...
Thankfully most people don't..

Then when they get called out for being fake, they try the old Jeddah mind trick..... "Your fake man!"..

Just you (and all the others like you who misunderstood what President Trump meant by his declaration). What statement would you have preferred? America last? Or Iran first (like Obama did).6 smilie

Many of us are as anxious as you. I feel his unnerving remarks are empowering to putin. I cannot see him interfering with whatever putin wishes to do to his neighbors. We need our allies, they need us. And it isnt just russia. Its every nutjob dictator in the world. Many of us are so unsure as to where his mind is.and his supporters just make weak excuses for his actions. Actions that would have been loudly condemned if any one else were to suggest them. We all need to hope for his failure.