Did the person block me on here or did they deactivate their account?

i can still see their questions and replies but it says anonymous HOWEVER, when i log out of my account it shows their name and i can view their profile.. but when i login and refresh the tab that is on his profile it says "That user couldn't be found. Are you sure the username is correct? The user may have changed their username or deactivated their account."

did this person block me? it doesn't matter and i could care less.

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That sounds like you've just been promoted to super mod. Congrats! :)
Seriously though, I've never heard of that happening where a person can see an anon's name. It doesn't sound like you've been blocked either.

This user has deactivated their account.

Platinum.. i thought he was just annoyed with me always ragging on this site but im getting use to it..

I was told by Serenity the other day that when a person deactivates on their own, their page will still be up and they probably haven't blocked you. This same thing happened to me the other day, I thought I was blocked by a friend, but he had just deactivated. Also if you go off line and click onto their page and it goes to the question page, they have deactivated.

The same happened to me. I think they're deactivated. If they block you, you will not see anything from them while logged in, anonymous or not, unless it's on the Just In or something like that.

Hey Skunky. The fact that you can see their profile when you're logged out but not when you're logged in sounds like you're blocked. But normally if someone blocks you, you can't see their questions or replies, so I don't know what the deal is there. It's like they blocked you, but it didn't take completely.


I think they commented and then later blocked you.

Their comments from before the block are now 'anonymous' and they can no longer see your posts or comment on them.

If you log out you can view any member's profile page (if it is private the available info is hidden).

If you are logged in then you cannot navigate to the profile page of someone who has blocked you.

It is great to think...

Oh if you can see them while logged in & they are anon it just means they DA'd. If someone had ya blocked you can't see a darn thing (thank goodness) unless ya log out.

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