Amiriters disagreeing: Each disagreement carries the same weight. Your disagreeing with me is equal to my disagreeing with you. Amirite?

Don't make the mistake that you are a stronger person than someone else...or that they might be stronger than you. It's a level playing field where, in some cases, some people are nicer in their disagreeing than others.

Image for post **Amiriters disagreeing: Each disagreement carries the same weight.** //Your disagreeing with me is equal to my disagreeing with you. Amirite?//
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I respect others' opinions, and it's very rare when I get mad enough to block them. This is an opinion poll, and we can't always agree with our friends.

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Totally. It means people are not taking this site lightly enough... Who is invested with their own disagreement to the point of leaving? Seriously.

Yes. The political thing is laughable and it seems to come down to who can quote the most scandalous information.

The fact is that ppl will stay away from here due to bad feelings generated by a disagreement. People either get mad or their feelings get "hurt".

If this is the case, does that say about you?

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I find....
Giving my two cents(About politics) to people that agree with me is more productive...odd as that may sound..

People that don't agree with me...
We don't really care what each other has to say and it'll just turn into a back and forth argument..Never anything productive...just a waste of time..

Plus the person that doesn't agree with me is still going to read my reply, even though they might not post on that poll..

I could just forget about politics, if i had the option to not see those questions..

In my mind i know the bottom line, the same as for any president, all the complaining in the world isn't going to change anything..
They'll be the president for the next 4 or 8 years..

I don't like playing the political game but i keep getting nudged to play.....It is what it is...

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Yea.. i think they stopped accounting for inflation...
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Figuring when that saying was made, there was probably buffalos on the penny..

Oh I only disagree when it is something that I personally don't agree with, I don't care what others think. I won't agree with something just cause the rest of the world is if I don't believe that way.

People that continuously throw stones doesn't bother me but sooner or later, i want to join in the fun too..

Nothing like keeping up the bickering..

The day someones antics on the internet can control what i do, is the day i seize to be alive.

When a hand can reach through this screen and try to hit me...
I'll start getting a little concerned..

It's all good as long as we keep it respectful.

Everything would be great if you would all agree with me.

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