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Trump is the U.S. President...Why not give him support instead of spewing hatred towards him?

I guess we should all feel relieved that Andrew and his great wealth of wisdom and knowledge are here to enlighten all of us he feels are ignorant and uneducated because we support Trump. I'm just curious Andrew, where has your vast wealth of knowledge and education come from? Does it even exist? Please, enlighten those of us who you feel superior to. What are your own academic and life credentials for us all to admire.
It irritates me when little people attempt to insinuate those who don't agree with them and have their own beliefs, are somehow, stupid.

Hey Andy!
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Trump is a loud mouth bully who will never change. But I do think some of his supporters will soon regret voting for him, when all his lies are exposed.

And conservatives don't fit your mold - so, what?

Donald Trump is the American President. He didnt get there by no one voting for him. Most people say FUCK OBAMACARE, but give us something !Our government has done us wrong with our deficit. WRONG!! At least give us healthcare without penalty!! Have respect for the Presidential office, regardless of who it is. ..and please get over all of it.

"Logical" nme smilieno smilie tongue smilie

The rioters are violent. Now in many states people have the right to run over rioters blocking the road. h smilie

Gee, I'd have thought Hillary could have easily beaten such a louse by a landslide. biggrin smilie

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So right. But, it will take a shock to shake sense into them...

The huge protesters from yesterday were not violent.What about all the other day's?