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Are you interested in finding out?

Not much except my mother's family is English, my Dad's was German.

My sister did some research and what she found was interesting. But, I never got 'the bug' to investigate myself.

But, I did like talking to my grandparents about their lives - when were younger.

Know my mother was a first generation Italian American, and that my dad's side of the family has been here since before the Civil War, and were Scottish.

Never looked into it.

Someone in my family did a book... Fascinating.

My wife is really into ancestry (and We both had our DNA tested awhile back and that was interesting. I was surprised that they estimated I have between 2% and 20% DNA from your neck of the woods (Iberian Peninsula). That's 2%-20% more than any of my living relatives ever knew.

I know enough, from my mother and grandparents.

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You're referring to our great, great, (insert n-greats), great grandmother, "Mitochondrial Eve". According to the estimates I've seen, you're right in the ballpark. Our great, great, ... great grandfather, "Y-chromosomal Adam", seems a bit more difficult to track down.


I've gone so far back that my "tree" has become more of a "fungus". hehe smilie