If you could be a daredevil for a day, and not have to worry about any repercussions...what would you do?

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Pilot a jet plane. lol

Sing in public

run fly drive a car right into a big snow bank.. Kill the snow .

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That one is on my bucket list but I have to do it in the US and it also voids my travel insurance so i have to succeed or die hehe smilie

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Linster can't you do that on the high way? I often have right here in Maine.

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Same here but everyone goes pretty much faster, I went 120 all the time in my previous cars this prius could but it doesn't seem right to try 120 with a silly prius.

I'd try extreme skateboarding since I wouldn't be worried about destroying my knees .....


I guess I would womder why they call it daredevil - if there is no risk

Streak the Women's Day March carrying a Pro TRUMP sign.

Do a Triple Lindy...

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