Really? Why do some Trumpeteers get offended by Trump posts while they continue to post their rants? If you want to be heard, try listening too. Your hypocrisy is showing.

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Because those types of people like to insult each other? The only common thing the extremes sides of the spectrum have in common is how they hate each other and how they think the other side is evil. Don't try to hold a mirror in front of them, though - they will find a way to say it's not them in the reflection, and that it's the "opposition".

Hell will freeze over before such people admit any wrongdoing in themselves or "their perfect parties".

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That's not what I'm seeing. The media indeed sells what get them views, and I don't like that, but if people wanted good news, that's what the news channel would try to be. But that's not what they want. People want biased, and want drama, and want to have people tell them what they want to hear... I blame the people more than I blame the media. Because real media is put down all the time by the morons that can't deal with reality. It's not as a small group as people think. It's getting smaller, but it's still big enough for the USA news coverage became what it did.

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